About S.H.E

S.H.E Change is a new movement of women (predominantly rural women) supporting each other to create awareness, peace and positive change in their lives; physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

As women we often find ourselves stuck in the rut of life. We are overwhelmed with everything we think we “should be achieving” or that we “have to do” and feel under pressure, not just from ourselves but by others (society, family, partners, children) to be and do things that don’t necessarily bring us peace and joy.

The S.H.E Movement allows you to realise you aren’t alone with these feelings and offers support to overcome them.

S.H.E Change exists to bring you self awareness that your life isn’t bad, that you don’t have to be stuck, that you aren’t alone in your feelings of self hate, frustration, uncertainty, blame and most importantly that you don’t need to feel guilty about where you currently find yourself in life.

Most of the time we have adopted habits that are bringing with them a lot of perceived pressure, affecting your nervous system which results in hormonal imbalances, fatigue, weight gain (or loss) and frustration which is then generally taken out unintentionally on the people we love the most – leaving you feeling guilty, adding more self pressure because you beat yourself up that you aren’t doing/being good enough etc etc!

Can you relate to that cycle?

S.H.E Change is here so you can meet other women who are feeling just like you, so you can realise that you are supported and you ARE understood.

Best of all we are here because all you need to know is that you have the power to change your life at any time you are ready and choose to. Change is the only constant and to see change you need to be the change!

However there is no worse feeling than being stuck in any area of your life with no idea of how or where you need to start to make the change.

This is why we have the S.H.E Change Program, S.H.E Nights and S.H.E Days.

We have the steps, tools and techniques that will support you in overcoming anxiety, fear and “stuckness” bringing you Self-awareness, Healing & Empowerment to face life's challenges once and for all, so you can consciously create the change you’ve been seeking!!!

Join our movement to hangout with like-minded women.

Learn about how we can support and empower you (aka kick your sexy butt with love) to create the change you wish to see in your life, so you can have more peace each day, be happy, confident, feel free and best of all enjoy your life while you have it.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

If you would like to know more details about our S.H.E Change program please contact Zoe via email at zoe@shechange.com.au

We can’t wait to meet you!!!

Don't take
our word for it!

“ A great event to get to know other women & support each other, very relevant topics to support ourselves with. ”


“ Self development at a different level. ”


" A great night to help learn to manage stress and visulise/manage where you want to go. "


" Very real. Fitting and makes you realise you aren’t alone. Go with an open mind. Zoe speaks from the heart & she’s lovely!! "


" This is a powerful self development program that is a must for all women! "


“ Reconnect with yourself, Zoe helps you find yourself so all aspects of your true life path can be visulised and enjoyed. ”


“ It’s empowering a must for all women to attend to take back the power in their own lives. ”


“ There’s something for everyone. lots of light bulb moments. ”


“ If you want to be the best version of you, then this is the place to start. ”


“ Fantastic. A wonderful group of supportive women, who are not in competition with each other but here to lift each other up. Loved it. ”


" If you value yourself, your children, your relationship – GO AND LISTEN! ”


“ You leave feeling empowered and inspired to reach your full potential. ”


“ You must go to a S.H.E Night. They are incredible. Zoe is absolutely amazing, very positive and powerful advice. ”


“ You should go. This Woman gets it! Thanks Zoe. ”


“ Interesting & good for personal development. Promts you to think about life. ”


“ Makes you think you can change the way you think. ”


“ I was expecting baby number two when I first attended one of Zoe's SHE nights. Zoe had shared so much valuable information in these sessions, but the piece I've most used is her idea of 'Peace Points'. Thinking about and knowing my Peace Points, or areas in my life I need in order to feel content, allowed me to discuss these with my husband as preparation for the arrival of our new baby. He then knew exactly how to support me in caring for the new bub.
How to constructively communicate with your partner is a focus in Zoe's sessions, and this has definitely helped my husband and I. ”


“ What a great empowering event to help women remember how amazing they are and how they can create their happiest life – this is a must! "


“ If you’re feeling down/frustrated/confused/insecure or concerned about your mental, physical, spiritual or emotional health come to one of these S.H.E Nights for an insight on why not to stress and basically to just let someone tell you that everything really is ok. ”


“ Great info with takeaway activities, a great self help info session. ”


“ Experiences that are real life situations. Positive outlook plus how to change your way of thinking. ”


“ Don’t be frightened to come and listen to a new/different way to think. Great & personal feel to Zoe’s way of speaking. So open about her personal experience that we can all connect with in our own lives. Thanks Zoe, great night. ”


“ The S.H.E Night has given me so much to think about. Realising that most issues surrounding me are all stemming from me not other people/things. Thanks Zoe. ”


“ You have had an impact on these women, everyone is discussing something from their sub-conscious! Loved the S.H.E Night, thanks Zoe. ”



As a teenager and most of my 20s, I really struggled with self hate, body image insecurities, a deep need to prove myself, constant sabotage patterns, guilt, and certain health issues that would leave me always feeling fatigued. I've spent years doing personal development courses, reading self help books and listening to many wonderful humans who are creating a lot of positive change in the world. For over 10 years I've studied complimentary therapies, I don't have any official qualifications however my “Masters” in self hate, over thinking & over assuming has me well equipped to understand and support other women who are also struggling in these areas.

I’ve coached 1000s of women over the years and the issues, fears, guilts and anxieties are predominantly the same, which is why I've created S.H.E Change. The  tools and information that I now teach are the same principles that helped me and many others to manage their struggles. But more importantly S.H.E Change was created to bring awareness to women that they aren’t alone, they are understood and that they can create the change they are searching for.

If you've jumped on the S.H.E Change train - welcome, I'm grateful for your support. If you are wondering if S.H.E Change is for you, then come along to one of our S.H.E Nights and check us out. There is no obligation to sign up for anything further if we don’t resonate with you. Of course, if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me (link to contact us page) and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

I’m excited that we, as a community, can consciously create change in as many women's lives as possible. Can't wait to meet you!

Zoe Joseph - S.H.E Change