S.H.E Program

Currently the S.H.E Change Program is designed as a one on one coaching consultation either in person or via Skype. The investment is $530 for three sessions over three consecutive months. It also includes ongoing support while you implement the changes that you're choosing to create.

The S.H.E Program is designed to empower women to seek peace, not perfection, in each area of their life. The eight areas we work with in the program are >>>

  • 1


  • 2

    Romantic Relationship

  • 3

    Family & Spaces

  • 4

    Business / Work / Uni

  • 5

    Friends & Social

  • 6

    Community & Giving Back

  • 7

    Passion & Purpose

  • 8

    Money & Manifesting

Seek Peace not Perfection

What’s the bloody story with perfection?

  • It’s only an illusion created by our own minds of what we believe we “need” to achieve in order to be happy
  • It;s constantly setting people up for failure
  • It puts you in a state where you’re constantly comparing
  • It stops you from taking action as it feels so out of reach so begins the cycle of self sabotage.

The aim of the S.H.E Program is to realise the illusion of perfection and instead create awareness of what brings you peace in each area of your life. When you’re more in a state of peace it allows you to be more present, in turn creating more joy!

If any of the below questions resonate with you, then it’s my guarantee that the S.H.E Change Program will be of benefit to you!

  • Do you constantly feel in overwhelm?

  • Do you know what you’re meant to be doing to create positive change but struggle to get started?

  • Do you know you have so much more potential than what you're living?

  • Are you over that voice in your head constantly beating you up?

  • Do you take your frustration / anger out on the people you love the most?

  • Do you feel that no matter how much you do, you never feel like you’re getting anywhere?

So - be the change to see the change! 

Life can seem so overwhelming at times and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a rut, yes its normal to have low times but its not normal to be constantly hating on yourself , blaming others for everything that’s wrong in your life or always feeling tired, frustrated and not enough.

Let's shift your ideals of perfection and make you aware of what your current peace points are so you can learn how to accept where you are now and consciously create change where needed.