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Join us for our first S.H.E Day in Batemans Bay
23rd February 2019!

An intensive 14-hour day of Self-awareness, Healing & Empowerment that guides you through decluttering your mind in all 8 areas of your life.

I know what it feels like when there are all these things you ‘have to do' and 'must achieve' which creates the feeling of being so overwhelmed that you can't see what your priorities are or even where to start.

We, as women can have a tendency to try and do everything all at once, or nothing at all.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m busy all the time but never feel like I’m getting anywhere.
  • I procrastinate on things that are important and leave everything to the last minute.
  • I constantly feel guilty and/or overwhelmed
  • I’m never present or have enough time.
  • I overthink everything but never take action
  • I know what I’m meant to be doing but don’t know how to get started
  • I know I have so much more potential than what I’m currently living
  • I’m tired of that voice in my head constantly beating me up
  • I take my frustrations and angers out on the people I love the most
  • I’m stuck in a rut

When you have too many ‘pressures’ and ‘have to do’s’ built up it can send you into overwhelm. If you’re like many of the women I’ve come across, you may notice that you struggle with getting so caught up in your stresses and frustrations that you can’t clearly see a solution to break out of this cycle of overwhelm. Your mind becomes cluttered with a long list of perceived pressures and you feel like you’re not progressing or getting anywhere.

Without gaining clarity and a new perspective of where you’re currently at in you’re life, you won’t know what your priorities are or where you need to start taking action.

That’s why the S.H.E Day has been developed!

The S.H.E Day provides the supportive environment you need while myself and my S.H.E Squad take you through all 8 areas of your life, creating the time and space you need to really look at and apply the S.H.E Change Peace Point Equation®.

A whole day to focus on you so that you can leave with the clarity and confidence to know how to consciously create the changes you’re seeking in your life.

There is so much to be gained by attending our S.H.E Day:

  • Release overwhelm and declutter your mind
  • Become aware of and accept where you’re currently at in your life
  • Get clear on what it is that you really want to be creating in your life
  • Learn how to effectively manifest your goals and dreams
  • Recognise your priorities and how to take action
  • Create a plan for moving forward

“If you want to be the best version of you, then this is the place to start.”


Who the day is for...

If you’re like me, then you’re much more productive when you have support from people who are doing and going through the same things rather than trying to figure it all out on your own. I find it so much easier to get things done when I have a sounding board to bounce ideas off and solve problems with.

This is the perfect opportunity to do just that, to ask for different perspectives on life situations, to realise you’re not alone with your fears, frustrations and overwhelm, and to connect with aligned people who can continue to support you and assist in keeping you accountable with moving forward.

The S.H.E Day is for you if...

  • You’re in need of a life overhaul
  • You like to be structured with plans and organising
  • You’re seeking guidance to get you back on track
  • You work well in a supportive group setting
  • You’re ready to take responsibility to create change in your life
  • Once you set your mind on something, you like to get in and get it done (hence it’s a 14-hour day!)

If the S.H.E Night resonated with you, then you're going to LOVE this event!

What to expect...

  • Receive the NEW revised S.H.E Change Peace Pack (value $88)
  • Work through the Peace Processes for ALL 8 areas of your life:
    1. Health
    2. Romantic Relationships
    3. Family & Spaces
    4. Business / Work / Uni
    5. Friends & Social
    6. Community & Giving Back
    7. Passion & Purpose
    8. Money & Manifesting
  • Gain clarity on how to shift from pressure to peace
  • Be supported by myself and my S.H.E Squad
  • Meet and interact with other women going through the same process
  • Learn the tools that you need to continue doing this for yourself
  • Become a part of the S.H.E Change Movement that provides ongoing support

“This empowering day is a must for all women who are ready to take back the power in their own lives.”

Where and When

Saturday 23rd February 2019
Full day  7am - 9pm
Lincoln Downs Resort Batemans Bay

All meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks provided)
Investment  $440 
(please contact Zoe for payment plan options)

Once payment has been received, Zoe will be in touch with further information
to ensure you’re all set to make the most of your S.H.E Day.

If you don't leave the S.H.E Day feeling like you've gained clarity to consciously create change in your life
then we offer a full money back guarantee.

Lincoln Downs


Accommodation is available at the Lincoln Downs Resort. Please contact them directly and mention you are attending the S.H.E Day Event to receive a 10% discount on your booking.

“What a great empowering event to help women remember how amazing they are and how they can create their happiest life – this is a must! ”

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